Eden 1 — Imagination Drive, Uhland TX

Eden 1 – Imagination Drive a fully self-sufficient community using 3-D printed home technology that is integrated with energy and food sustainability.

Each of the 34 homes is an off-grid-capable smart home built inside a sustainable food forest and garden. Imagination Drive is a climate-positive community, sequestering more carbon and producing more energy than it consumes.


We think a home and community should be able to meet many more needs than just basic shelter. We build every Eden home with the latest technology and building science. From 3-D printed construction to sustainable use technology, each home is designed for comfort and built to last.

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Environment and Food Sustainability

Preserving the natural environment is our foundational mission. A diverse ecological community provides the backbone of an ecosystem that benefits all. As climate change continues to impact everyday life, Eden is working to address the double-edged sword of global warming and biodiversity loss at the community level. 

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At Eden, we believe community means living in harmony with each other and nature. We design homes that make living with nature an experience. Centered around a planned edible forest,  walking trails connect homes and public spaces for you and your neighbor’s enjoyment. 

Eden provides a space to live a healthy, connected life – whether working from home, enjoying garden-fresh vegetables, or a walk through nature.

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3D Printing

Homes on Imagination Drive will be printed using the COBOD BOD 2 3d Concrete Printer in collaboration with Peri 3D International. Click Here to visit Peri’s website to learn more about 3D Construction Printing.

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