Eden is a sustainable development company that uses cutting-edge construction technologies to build stronger, healthier, more sustainable structures. We build ultra-efficient homes that reflect the unique challenges of the modern world while fostering a sense of community and belonging.


The Construction Industry is facing challenges due to rising labor, material, and transportation costs. To address these issues, Eden is taking a proactive approach by developing its own processes to lead the shift towards 3D construction printing technology and the construction site of the future — with autonomous systems, reduced waste, and increased efficiency.

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Continued Demand for Energy Production will outstrip production causing grid failures and outages. Eden is building energy resilience in all of our communities. Solar + battery microgrids integrated into our community buildings contribute meaningful electricity to the larger community bringing revenue to our residence in the form of energy sales.

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Environmental, Social, Governance

Concrete currently accounts for nearly 7 percent of global emissions. We are committed to DeCarbonizing the construction Industry through new innovative ways. As early adopters of 3d printing technology we are looking towards the future…

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Imagination Drive

Imagination Drive is a residential Development located in Uhland Texas. We are currently building. When complete Imagination drive will be 34 printed Single-family duplex and fourplex units. The neighborhood will generate enough Energy to Power 100 homes and will distribute excess power to the grid generating revenue for the community.

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