Creating new solutions in construction, energy,  and finance .  Automating construction thru 3d printing , developing Solar powered microgrids and offering affordable pathways to property ownership.  

3d Construction Printing

Additive manufacturing is an Emerging Technology field. It has the potential to revolutionize the Construction Industry as it has to several industries (rockets, prosthetics). The potential 3d construction printing how we build and live is limitless . The core of our Automated Construction business is our COBOD 2.5 Printer. Capable of printing 3 story structures our machine is one of the largest available.

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Energy equity is an important goal for our team at Eden. Continued Demand for Energy Production will outstrip production causing grid failures and outages. Eden is building Solar + battery microgrids in our community as part of an effort toward a distributed energy generation network

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As early adopters of 3d printing technology we are looking towards the future. Concrete currently accounts for nearly 7 percent of global emissions. We are committed to DeCarbonizing the construction Industry through new innovative ways.

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