Water Recycling and Greywater Systems ♻️

What is a Water Recycling System?

A recycling system takes wastewater and processes it to the point where you may use the water again. It is important to know what kind of water you want to recycle and how you’ll use it before selecting a recycling system.

What is a Greywater System?

A greywater system diverts water destined for sewage or septic into an irrigation system. Manual greywater systems use gravity, so there’s no need for a pump. Packaged systems require electricity but can run indoors. When dealing with outdoor systems, you’ll want to make sure you comply with local water regulations.

How crucial is it for us to recycle water?

Water recycling enables us to reuse one of our most essential resources regularly. Water recycling eliminates toxins from the water and makes it available to the local water supply. Recycled water is safe to drink.

Water recycling may have a positive impact on the bottom line for businesses. Such as,

  • In addition to saving money, installing a water recycling system may also increase income. 
  • Wasteful and ecologically destructive water consumption is a global problem – using water recycling systems, homes save money while protecting the environment.
  • The recycling process can include oil and water separators, filtration, detergent removal, and sanitation units.

Eden has partnered with Hydraloop to integrate water recycling technology into our homes.

Why choose Hydraloop for water recycling?

Hydraloop develops and manufactures award-winning and pioneering water recycling devices. Residential, commercial, hotel, and resort properties may all benefit from our cutting-edge water recycling solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a big city or a rural location; you can utilize Hydraloop products everywhere. In addition to LEED and BREEAM certification points, Hydraloop future-proofs any structure. Your house, business, or hotel will benefit from Hydraloop’s efficiency by saving water and energy.

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