New Urbanism ⛲

To begin with, New Urbanism is a worldwide movement that improves urban areas’ living spaces with nature, community, and inclusion. In this article we’ll cover some of the high-level principles to help clarify this academic concept. Homebuyers that want to do their part to help their cities improve in this area should read on!

What are the principles of New Urbanism?

  1. People First

The People First planning method for improving urban areas focuses on what the residents’ needs. It means making neighborhoods more walkable, improving the commute times for people working in the city, and creating opportunities for healthy living.

  1. Increase Value

Green spaces add value to both public and private spaces, and the areas of the city that offer these improvements increase the value of these locations and increase their appeal. Improving the usable space in communities brings up the quality of living for everyone.

  1. Energize Spaces

Public spaces need to offer human health benefits and reduce isolation. People who live in the city should feel connected to a community. A thriving community is the top priority for New Urbanism programs.

  1. Make Health a Priority

Planning and improvements can make people’s lives healthier. Reduced pollution, increased and improved transportation options, and simple things like park access or sports-area access can make residents happier and healthier.

  1. Make Access Equitable

People of all ages, races, and backgrounds need to utilize the improvements made to their city. Equity means that everyone has access and benefits from the programs, with careful thought and planning for inclusivity.

New Urbanism is Changing Lives for the Better

In conclusion, New Urbanism is the answer to a better life for everyone who lives in or around cities. Efforts to make urban regions healthy places to live and work are long overdue. New Urbanism is the movement that will make unhealthy urban lifestyles a thing of the past!

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