Native Tree Revegetation 🌳

Before human interference, nature had created ecosystems that were self-sustaining and functional. However, human disturbance, mainly through urbanization, has led to the displacement and extinction of millions of species of both plants and animals. It is up to us to implement native tree revegetation to address these issues.

Impact of Urbanization

The pre-urbanization era was marked by organisms living in large tracts of land that supported their habitats. Urbanization, however, reduced these millions of acres into small land fragments that are not sizable enough to support biodiversity. Millions of native tree species have been lost to urbanization, leading to ecological imbalance. 

Exotic plants and tree species – planted for aesthetics – adversely affect biodiversity. To correct the consequence of urbanization, we must promote native tree revegetation.

Native Tree Revegetation

Native tree revegetation aims at reintroducing the lost and displaced tree spaces for the sustenance of other wildlife species. Therefore, by choosing to plant native trees in your landscape choices, you benefit insects, birds, and other wildlife for survival. 

Planting native tree species has benefits not only for wildlife but also for human beings. For instance, unlike exotic lawns, traditional tree species do not require pesticides and insecticides, helping curb the adverse effects caused by these chemicals. 

Also, these tree species help in reducing adverse climatic conditions. Long tree species such as maples and oaks are essential in removing carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and thus help to reduce global warming. The local environment benefits from the water conservation provided by these native trees.

Most importantly, the native tree species help in the conservation of biodiversity. These tree species are home to thousands of insects, moths, and bird species. In addition, they offer shelter to many mammals and provide food through seeds, nuts, and fruits that they produce.

What comes next?

The National Audubon Society has an excellent resource for learning more about native plants and their role in preserving biodiversity.

Learn more about Eden Homes’s work to support native tree revegetation.

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