Imagination Drive

Imagination Drive is a residential Development located in Uhland Texas.

-3d printed neighborhood

Solar powered Microgrid

  • Food Forrest and Native Tree Revegetation — Every half acre lot on Imagination Drive will have approximately half of it’s usable area planted with a producing food forrest that will be open for community members to access. Starting with a specially designed wildlife corridor, this natural space builds a healthy, sustainable forest Biodiversity drives ecosystem development. A large abundance of trees creates shading and cooler microclimates. An on-site pond provides a riparian habitat and renewable water storage for our forest. Increased plant coverage above and root structure below ground support water storage. Carbon formation of soil new forest nutrient cycles help restore carbon, nitrogen, and other micronutrients to the earth. In the process, we are sequestering the CO2 released in the development process – further decreasing the reliance on chemical fertilizers.
  • Natural and Indoor Vertical Farming Methods — Imagination Drive will have a 4 acre mini farm with onsite food production, managed by Eden. Residents will be given the opportunity to purchase a weekly CSA basket. Communities will be given the opportunity to manage and own their own farms should they choose to do so.
  • Conservation Park and Community Managed Carbon Credits —  Every Eden will have a equal amount of forrest land contributed to a community wide, tokenized DAO. This will be dedicated in perpetuity for Community members to use a carbon offset and will be restricted from development, outside of the natural enjoyment of the members. Every purchase of your NFT and Home at Eden will include this.

Solar Production and Storage — We use the entire usable surface of each roof to collect solar and rainwater. We construct each home using a standard of 2 KW per SF, more than 2X the needed electricity for a home of comparable size, and have an included battery backup. Our solar and battery backup will power your home, charge your vehicles, and sell excess power back to the grid. You can also use the excess to power your mining activities.

Energy Efficiency — All homes include high-efficiency HVAC and Energy Recovery Ventilation, all-electric Energy star rated appliances, and EV charging stations.

Modern Smart Home Integration — Homes include smart circuit breaker technology, helping balance and distribute your electrical load, saving energy and money. This means that you will have complete control of every aspect of your home’s electrical system, home or away.

Water Generation and Greywater Conservation — Each home has the ability to produce water onsite through Rainwater and Atmospheric water generation. We will conserve water through a greywater recycling and conservation system.

Development Timeline

2021 -2024 Eden 1 – Imagination Drive, Uhland TX

Eden is currently building Imagination Drive and expects to be 75% complete with construction by the end of 2023.

2023 – 2025 Eden 2 – Lockhart TX

Eden is in the planning phase of a 5- acre sustainable forrest community with 15 homes.

2023 and Beyond –  Eden will be looking to acquire and develop small scale, sustainable communities in the Austin Metro Area and will expand throughout the US. If you are interested in seeding a sustainable Eden community, please contact us. We look forward to building a better future with you!