The Construction Industry is facing challenges due to rising labor, material, and transportation costs. To address these issues, Eden is taking a proactive approach by developing its own processes to lead the shift towards 3D construction printing technology and the construction site of the future — with autonomous systems, reduced waste, and increased efficiency.

3D Construction Printing

The core technology of our Automated Construction business is our COBOD 2.5 Printer. Capable of printing 3 story structures our machine is one of the largest available.

Concrete Conundrum

Concrete currently accounts for nearly 7 percent of global emissions. We are committed to DeCarbonizing the concrete Industry through innovative ways. As early adopters of 3d printing technology, we are looking towards the future.

3D Printed Envelope

We construct each of our homes with a double-walled assembly. The key feature of this construction method is the highly efficient insulation placed between the inner and outer walls, minimizing thermal bridging and thus improving energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.