We think a home and community should be able to meet many more needs than just basic shelter. We build every Eden home with the latest technology and building science. From 3-D printed construction to sustainable use technology, each home is designed for comfort and built to last.

3D Printed Envelope  — We construct each using the COBOD II printer from PERI – a durable and resilient technology. The highly efficient insulation between 3D printed inner and outer wall eliminates thermal bridging found in traditional exterior building envelopes. The durability of concrete construction means that we will build your home to withstand extreme weather events for many years to come.

Solar Production and Storage — We will use the entire usable surface of each roof to collect solar and rainwater. We construct each home using a standard of 2 KW per SF, more than 2X the needed electricity for a home of comparable size, and have an included battery backup. 

Our solar and battery backup will power your home, charge your vehicles, and sell excess power back to the grid. You can also use the excess to power your mining activities.

Energy Efficiency — All homes include high-efficiency HVAC and Energy Recovery Ventilation, all-electric Energy star rated appliances, and EV charging stations.

Modern Smart Home Integration — Homes will include smart circuit breaker technology. These circuits help balance and distribute your electrical load and are fully integrated down to the wiring in the walls. This means that you will have complete control of every aspect of your home’s electrical system, home or away.

Water Generation and Greywater Conservation — Each home will have the ability to produce water onsite through Rainwater and Atmospheric water generation. We will conserve water through a greywater recycling and conservation system.